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Internet applications can improve your organization’s efficiency and effectiveness. BrainSoft can design and implement custom Internet applications to your specifications. In addition to custom Internet applications, BrainSoft can develop and implement more traditional applications to give your Web site or intranet improved capabilities:

Shopping carts and online shopping solutions
Online, real-time auctions
Reminder services
Web based Email and Mailing list management
Robots that will interact with your clients through standard set of messengers like msn messenger, yahoo messenger or ICQ.
Chat rooms and message boards

At BrainSoft, we build profitable Internet strategies for the digital economy — strategies aimed at building your brand, increasing revenue, building customer loyalty, boosting stock value, improving partnerships and increasing communication flow. Take a look at some of the Areas where we have interests.
Workflow management
This is the domain that we excel in. Workflow management is one of the hottest areas of software development. There are huge companies built around the idea like SAP. There are already a number of ERP solutions available but either they are too costly or the level of expertise required to use them, is generally very high. Moreover, they are not very user friendly and fully web accessible. We have been working in web accessible workflow management applications for last 2 years.
We have been working in the domain of mobile computing for more than two years. The domain of expertise that we have acquired is in secured mobile applications. We have developed software that runs on mobile phones, so the mobile phone is used as a mini computer and the user is able to log on to his/her corporate application and carry out his/her work.
Framework of objects
We have developed a framework of reusable business objects. These objects can act as building blocks to develop many other web based or mobile applications. There is a set of business processes that we have developed for mobile phones, for instance, Project management, Time sheets management, Expense sheets, document management, Team management etc. The framework comprises of secured logins to multiple corporate databases (Oracle, SQL Server). These databases act as data stores and even business rules containers. This architecture offers very scalable and flexible implementation of business rules. The architecture offers a simple and easy way to re-engineer the business process. We just change the information flow nodes and direction of the information flow to get a new business process running.
We have been working for a number of clients in the area of E-Commerce. Most of solutions that we have provided in the domain of E-Commerce are online shopping carts, searching facilities…etc. But we feel that this is a very restrictive view of E-Commerce because this only involves Business to Consumer relationship (B2C), i.e. the consumer goes to a web site and buys a product online. We believe that the real power of E-Commerce is in the domain of Business-to-Business (B2B) transactions. In B2B scenario, we can have several huge enterprises that have their ordering systems, which can inter-operate in order to, provide a very powerful and cheap service to the consumers. The advantages of this kind of E-Commerce are enormous because we can optimize the information systems of different companies in order to inter-operate an reduce costs of transactions.
A number of world renowned banks are providing numerous services to their clients through web. We have experience both in banking and web based application. We have already developed some parts of the E-Banking framework.