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BrainSoft has a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals. They come from the top educational institutes in Pakistan and are extremely motivated. BrainSoft provides highly trained software professionals to supplement a company’s project team. Whether developing a complex integration effort, or an Intranet/Internet based application for corporate use, the BrainSoft team will help design and build the solution that’s right for each individual client. Our expertise is available just as long as it is needed to accelerate project development and ensure that a project is completed with the best technology, on time and on budget. Our team has technical development and solid management expertise. The organization specializes in analyzing and synthesizing their clients’ specific needs and requirements. Using state-of-the-art methodologies, their findings are translated into successful software solutions. Following is the list of profiles of Brainsoft and its partner groups.

Malik Muhammad Younus Awan
Chief Executive Officer
Master in E-business & management, M.Sc in Computer Science

Younus has played a major role in managing the software development activities within Brainsoft Technologies, Inc. He has very vast experience in Managing Business Oriented Applications. Younus has always played a key role in communicating with the clients as well as keeping up the teams. He specializes in both the business strategies and technical architectures of enterprise-wide resource planning and supply chain applications. He received his MS degree in Computer Science from University of the Punjab and Masterof E-business Management from International University of Japan.

Asadullah Parvaiz
Chief Technology Officer, Intersoft Pakistan.
M.Sc in Software Engineering

Asad has played a major role in inducting new technologies and tools into the software development activities within Intersoft. One of his contributions in this regard has been to take Intersoft into the Internet arena with the result that virtually all projects at Intersoft use Internet technologies to build software applications. Previously, he has worked at Hewlett Packard Edinburgh. Asad received his MS degree in Object Orientd Software Engineering from the Edinburgh. Asad’s interests are in object-oriented programming, design and analysis of algorithms, and computer networks. Asad has been providing consultancy to Government of Punjab (Punjab Information Technology Board) as Consultant Software Engineering. He has been providing consultancy to Adamsoft International as Software Architect/Project Manager.

Ahmad Farshid Ghyasi
Manager, Business Development
MIS, Master in E-business and management

Farshid has been working as a freelance ICT consultant and developer for past 5 years. He has done a number of projects for small to medium size companies, helping them use Information Technologies to streamline their business processes. He is active in open source software development community. As a consultant for United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Afghanistan , he developed and launched the first web portal from inside Afghanistan for Telekiosk Project and trained the Afghanistan Ministry of Communications employees on how to use the open source software at their work place.