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About Us

BrainSoft has the skills, talent and expertise to reliably deliver professional results. Our mastery encompasses graphics, design aesthetics, design technique, programming, communications skills and the ability to understand, appreciate and anticipate the end user experience. BrainSoft can be an ideal company for you to outsource your web design and web application development. We are working with companies and deliver results with a quick turnaround time. Having a development facility in Pakistan helps us provide extremely cost-effective web development.

The vision of the company is to be become the leading solution providers in the field of business, workflow management, web based applications and mobile commerce through hand held devices. The mission of the group is to achieve complete customer satisfaction through provision of quality services through effective and efficient implementation of total quality management. BrainSoft can provide solutions to all of your internet, mobile computing and web development outsourcing needs. From graphic design to database driven sites built using ASP, WML or Java, we are committed to learning and working on emerging technologies.
What makes BrainSoft the right choice for your Web development project?

  • we have an expansive and ever growing set of skills and talents. BrainSoft has a 100% completion rate. We give you an accurate estimate of the costs and time to completion, and then we do it. Often ahead of schedule.
  • BrainSoft can customize your site to meet your unique needs. From custom Internet applications, to e-commerce solutions to dynamic content management to work flow management system, we can do all that.
  • BrainSoft‘s sites are not only designed to give you the ‘biggest bang’, but they also look good. We can create a professional, high quality Internet presence for your business that matches your target audience.
  • We say with confidence, nowhere else will you find the same feature-laden, high quality site design and functionality at better prices.
  • If you’re interested in developing a new simple or e-commerce Web site or upgrading and extending the functionality of an existing site; if you’re interested in developing Web marketing strategies or consulting on search engine placement, our web site design and development services is your answer. We provide your business with competitively priced solutions that you can count on.

Simply put, we build effective web solutions.

Latest News

An online musician portal is being devloped. Please visit http://hearandplaycenter.com for more details.

Brainsoft has deployed an online portal for south Asian community. Visit http://www.yardost.com for more information.

An i-mode or wap enabled mobile shopping cart for jewellery shopping. Visit http://www.faaro.com for more information.

Using the anti-spam engine of SpaMortuary.net, a new project has been launched that will be integrated with the mail servers.

Reserach project has been started for anti-spam solution to mobile devices.

Faaro.com: Jewellery of Love

This system consists of four core modules: Website for Desktop PC; Website for various Mobile devices; Class library that detects the user agent and generates the contents accordingly; and backend administration panel for Reporting, Inventories Management etc. The website is bilingual and can be easily made available for other languages as well. Demos:PC Mobile Control Panel (username/password: demo/dmeo)

Qmail-Web Based Email System

Qmail is based on the premise that e-mail access should be easy and possible from any computer anywhere and all the time. By adhering to the universal Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) standard, Qmail eliminates the disparities that exist between different e-mail programs. Sending and receiving e-mail from Qmail is easy.
Demos: here (username/password: demo/dmeo can also create a new account)


With fraudulent, inappropriate and offensive emails being delivered in vast quantities to adults, children and businesses every day, spam protection is an essential component of your PC’s security strategy. Whether you want to eliminate spam as quickly and easily as possible, or crave the power to fight back, SpaMortuary.Net is for you. No other email filtering solution offers so many features, or is as easy to set up and use.